Women Impressario

Women Impressario

We at Magic Dairy believe in empowering women to supplement their conventional roles as house wives and home makers with running their own business, so that they can provide an added financial support to their family and in the process make a positive change in the society. Women can work from the comfort of their home, all the while handling their household responsibilities, and earn a good amount of money, just by investing a few hours of their busy day in this business. As more and more housewives get involved in this partnership, there will be positive change in the way Indian society thinks and functions.

We are providing a simple and efficient solution for adding an extra source of income for the family. This business does not require any special skills or business knowledge.

So you might be thinking what exactly is Magic Dairy offering that is beneficial to house wives and the society in general?

Magic Dairy will be providing distributorship exclusively to women in societies, where the women who decide to partner with us, will be the sole distributor of the Magic Dairy Milk bottles to the residents of that society.

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