Why should you choose Magic Diary?


Why should you choose Magic Diary?

Tired of drinking milk out of tetra pack?

Want the farm fresh taste but haven’t found it in leading brands?

Why don’t you give Magic Diary a shot? Yes! It is one of the leading suppliers of cow milk bottle in Gurugram.

Cow milk is one of the most essential sources of vitamins and nutrients. Not only do doctors recommend it for your time and again for its nutritional value, but dieticians too recommend a glass of milk every day for better health. It is cow milk which is recommended for newborn kids. Given that cow milk is a direct source of Vitamin D and calcium, it helps the infants develop stronger bones such that they grow faster and have better bone strength.

Magic Diary is one of the automated plants in Gurugram which supplies organic and pure cow milk to your doorstep. With fully automated systems to milk the cows, there is no human intervention at any given point in time. Cow milk reaching your baby has to be germ-free. Magic Diary ensures that it reached unadulterated to your kids such that they grow and develop better in their nascent years.

The milk is not pasteurized because Magic Diary aims at delivering milk in its pure and raw form. It is always instructed and recommended that you boil the milk and then use it for consumption. Given that the milk is directly transported from the farm to the customer, it is always chilled and supplied in an attractive glass bottle which is recyclable as well.

Additionally, if you want to source any milk product from the dairy, you can always sign up on the portal to raise a request and it shall be processed in a jiffy. Order that trial pack from magic Diary now and you wouldn’t regret it!

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  • Published On: 12,Nov 2018
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