Bottled Milk

Our premium quality bottled cow milk is delivered straight to your doorstep. The salient features include:

Fresh from the farm



No harmful bacteria

Untouched by human hands

Delivered Chilled at 4ºC

Suitable for people with Lactose intolerance

Fewer calories than buffalo milk

High Quantity of protein

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

We provide the customer the option of ordering fruits and vegetables from us, which will get delivered to your doorstep, daily and on time.

All varieties of fruits and vegetables are available in our catalogue*,including potatoes, onions, tomatoes, kiwis, bananas, apples, etc. At Magic Dairy, we assure you that the products we deliver to you, daily, are fresh and hygienic. We never compromise on the quality of any of our products.
So just register on the Magic Dairy app and get ordering!.

*Availability is seasonal for some items.

Get milk delivery services online at Magic Dairy. You can also check the desi cow milk price here. If you are searching for fresh milk supplier to get delivery of the fresh milk along with organic milk products then Magic Dairy is the best option. So, whenever anyone of your friend or you yourself search for milk delivery in glass bottles near me then remember Magic Dairy is here to help you.

Breakfast Needs

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, at Magic Dairy, we have facilitated you with the option to order a complete list of items, which you need to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast, daily. We have available with us, varieties of bread, eggs, butter, and don’t forget our farm-fresh cow’s milk to start your day with a boost!
All our products are 100% fresh & healthy.

For a complete list of products, do check out our Magic Dairy mobile app and order your daily dose of nutrition!