Magic Diary changed the Milk Delivery Scenario in gurugram


How has Magic Diary changed the Milk Delivery Scenario in gurugram ?

Don’t you always walk into the nearest store to get your everyday supply of milk? But hasn’t that tetra pack been bothering you off late because of all the news that keeps flashing by? Adulterated milk has caused more deaths in the country than any known ingredient. Milk needs to be of an optimal quality such that your body draws the right nourishment from it. It is important from a physical and mental development point of view that you get nothing but the best quality of milk delivery in Gurugram.

Grass fed cow is one of the best sources of milk known to mankind. Cow milk has 40 known varieties of vitamins and nutrients which are helpful in giving you stronger bones. Not only do doctors recommend it for infants and adults for the nutritional value but also for its goodness quotient!

Magic Diary is one of a kind plant which supplied milk in glass bottles only! Given that other material such as metal, plastic or even paper in the form of tetra pack can be contaminated and adulterated, glass is visibly the safest options. It is no doubt delicate when transportation is involved, but specific methods in place help to keep it secure and delivery it intact to your doorstep without any extra hassles.

The cows at Magic Diary are handled by automated machines which milk them in a process which is certified by the regulatory bodies. It is the raw milk which goes into the bottle. Usually, most of the brands tend to pasteurize the milk before packaging. This kills all the essential bacteria which assists in the development process. However, Magic Diary believes in quality and delivers pure milk only. For better results, boil the milk gradually at home before consuming it.

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  • Published On: 12,Nov 2018
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