Cow Milk in Gurugram


Where do I get Fresh cow milk in Gurugram ?

Has the question where will you find fresh cow milk in Gurugram been giving you sleepless nights?

Has that reputed brand been giving you bad refluxes?

Need something which is more organic and free from human intervention?

Did you know cow milk has lower fat composition than buffalo milk? Well, if you have been a regular customer of Magic Diary, you would know that the skimmed layer of the milk is not too thick, this is because the packaged milk sold by other vendors is usually buffalo milk which has approximately 6 percent fat content.

The milk at Magic Dairy is not pasteurized for all the right reasons. Pasteurization is boiling milk at higher temperatures which kills all nutrients and bacteria which might be bad for you. However, it tends to kill the bad ones too. Given that the plant is completely organic and germ-free, it is only pure cow milk that reaches you in the morning.

One might wonder why the company uses glass bottles only! Well, glass bottles are neutral to any material. Therefore, you can be sure that the milk is not affected during packaging or during transportation. Plastic, metal or even tetra packs tend to affect the quality of milk and in the process, the commodity tends to lose it natural nutrients which is the last thing we want at Magic Diary.

The milk delivered to you is extracted, packaged and supplied mechanically. The cattle are supervised by the in-house veterinary doctors who take care of them throughout the year. The cows are grass-fed and are maintained well in the facility. For better quality milk, the fodder has to be of an impeccable quality as well. Magic Diary makes no compromises when it comes to delivering quality milk to their customers in Gurugram. All you need to do is subscribe to the brand and get fresh milk delivered at your doorstep.

Huge Demand for Milk Delivery Services

Do you reminisce the time when milkmen used to deliver dairy fresh milk right to your doorstep? During those days, most of the milk supply was carried out via a remote dairy farm or creamery, and we knew precisely where the milk originated from.

This notion may sound unfamiliar to you now as we now just visit the local dairy shops and buy fresh stock days before it runs out at home. As the times are changing, milk is also finding new channels of distribution, with online being the one gaining popularity. Online milk distribution is becoming standard quickly and people are finding it the more convenient option.

People were contemplating convenient ways to buy milk, they were searching for worthy quality untainted farm milk, they were searching for a systematized easy way to get milk, and they were searching for a milkman they could address rather than just a routine milkman whom you have to keep calling. People desired a prompt, cost friendly, and a modern option.

There are an enormous prospect farm-fresh milk companies to grow in India in the upcoming times. Post exhaustive study of the dairy network, it was discovered that in India more than 65% of milk is impure. Nowadays, astute consumers are ready to pay for high-quality milk and this has shaped a fresh space organic milk delivery. Cow milk in Gurugram is available in best quality by the top leading companies like Magic Dairy because they are selling the best organic cow milk for your well being.

Major challenges for online milk distributors

Last mile delivery is a difficult job for any online brand. All companies performing last mile delivery faces difficult tasks when selling fresh perishables. The last-mile delivery signifies the movement of goods from the delivery hub to the customer. As a solution to these challenges Magic Dairy’s speedy modernisation and budding now-how assists in boosting our supply chain fulfil our customer expectancies. They are providing fresh milk in Gurugram.

Online trading of dairy products delivers companies a different channel with added targeted reach and condensed cost due to the removal of many middlemen between producers and the retailer.

It permits commissioning of pre-existing subscribers and admission to precise data which can raise advertising efforts while building a nation-wide presence in terms of scope.

For dairy brands, it can also be a stage for customer assignation on a continuing basis. For a new and forthcoming brand, it could deliver the chance to show their complete variety of commodities moving the constraint of shelf space obtain ability at physical retailers. Other than delivering ease to the patrons, companies are able to spread where they don’t have brick and mortar stores.

Online dairy shopping in India is still in its initial stage, as mainstream populace prefers the old-fashioned way of purchasing dairy products from close physical retail outlets. Therefore, dairy brands could keep on the hybrid model of using both means of milk distribution guaranteeing that they get the customers through all conceivable methods. Time will tell how successful these models prove to be for online fresh milk providers.

Undoubtedly, the milk delivery business is already a lucrative business. So additionally online will still grow it further, this industry is certain to prosper times to come.

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