Lokesh Rajput

Hey guys!!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lokesh Rajput, Mr. Universe Fitness 2018. My journey towards fitness has been one of hard work and perseverance. I come from a small village in Faridabad and I completed my studies from there. In 2010, at the age of 20, I decided that I wanted to start my long and arduous journey to fitness. I started enjoying myself and soon it became my passion. I decided to start training professionally. Apart from training, I enrolled in BSc. course in diet and nutrition and after a 5-year course, I got my certification.

But my aspirations were much bigger, so I started entering muscle modeling competitions and was soon crowned Mr. Gurgaon in 2016. After my first taste of Gold, I entered Mr. Haryana and Mr. Delhi competitions and both times came back with the Gold. After that, there was no stopping me and I headed for Italy to take part in the Mr. World Fitness competition and won the silver medal in 2016. The same year, I came 4th in the Mr. Universe Fitness competition held in Slovenia.

I was not satisfied with these results so I started training harder. My hard work paid off and I was crowned Mr. India and Mr. Overall in 2017.

After winning these two competitions, I decided to enter Mr. Universe contest in 2018, held in Cyprus and won the Gold Medal this time, in the Muscle Model category.

In 2015, when Magic Dairy launched in Faridabad, I tried it and since then it has been my preferred choice of cow milk. It is always delivered absolutely fresh and on time. I have been their loyal customer for 3 years and will continue to be in the coming years!

Now, I am glad to announce that Magic Dairy is starting its services in Gurugram and even adding many new products to their catalogue, like fresh fruits & vegetable and daily breakfast needs!

I recommend Magic Dairy to whoever is conscious about their fitness and are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle..

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