About us


Magic Dairy delivers 100% pure, fresh and great tasting cow milk in glass bottles right to your door step.

Taking inspiration from our great innovator Late Shri Ajay Bambi, who had the vision of providing the purest form of cow milk on the market through a completely automated process, we started to work on making his dream come true and established Magic Dairy in 2015.


Our vision for our company is providing the most unadulterated form of cow milk all over India.

According to statistics, 75% of the milk distributed in India is mixed or contains some form of adulteration. This leads to many harmful effects on the body.

We are aiming to eradicate this issue by supplying pure, unmixed, non-pasteurized cow milk straight from the farm to your home. We aim to penetrate markets throughout India and make Magic Dairy the preferred choice of cow milk for you and your family.

Our Distribution model aims at empowering women and through this, we aim to make housewives and stay-at-home moms, financially independent and business owners. This is extremely important for a developing country like India.


We have taken a different approach with establishing our brand all over India. We will be granting distributorship exclusively to women and ensuring that housewives get that opportunity to have their own business with the least investment possible.

Our distributor model involves good profits and the work does not require any traveling, so the women can focus on their household responsibilities as well.

Mobile app will be available to people throughout Gurugram and is simple and easy to use. This app will allow users to opt for a subscription model and get fresh milk delivered every morning with no breaks throughout the year.

There are so many people who search online for fresh farm milk near me especially for Gir cow milk price in the areas like Gurgaon.