We do cow milk home delivery in gurgaon

Magic Dairy is a well-trusted cow milk supplier in gurgaon

Magic Dairy delivers 100% pure, fresh and great-tasting cow milk in glass bottles, the freshest fruits & vegetables, and daily breakfast needs right to your doorstep.

Taking inspiration from our great visionary Late Shri Ajay Bambi, who had the vision of providing the best cow milk in gurgaon through a completely automated process. We started to work on his dream and made it true by establishing Magic Dairy in 2015. We also incorporated fresh fruits & vegetables and daily breakfast needs to our catalog in order to provide daily sourced grocery essentials to our expanding customer base.

These days the increase in diseases has made everyone in darkness because nobody knows that what would happen next in life. Due to pollution, climatic changes, dust, global warming and plenty of other atmospheric changes people are getting sick and are getting plenty of problems in their health. So, drinking fresh cow milk in gurgaon from the farm is great and beneficial for your complete health and also for all your healthy organs. Magic Dairy operates cow milk home delivery in Gurgaon, and gets you your milk early morning so you stay on schedule.

There are plenty of other companies who are involved in milk delivery in Gurugram, but which one to confide is the main concern. Those people who are resident of Gurgaon, usually search for cow dairy near me for pure cow milk home delivery at their doorstep, but plenty of don't reach the right place. All process to get this milk is online. You can book it via the website or via app also. The price of this milk is not so much.

Organic cow milk is beneficial for the overall health of everyone as it is very easy to digest and tasty as compared to other kinds of milk available in the market. So, if anyone is searching for organic milk suppliers near me on the web especially in Gurgaon (Gurugram) region then Magic Dairy is the best option to get it. Fresh organic milk is powerful. Pure cow milk has amazing and charismatic benefits for your body. Farm fresh milk is recommended by Doctors also.

You may be looking for pure organic desi cow milk Gurgaon available in bottles. We are the best cow milk supplier in Gurgaon. Buy pure cow milk in Gurugram (Gurgaon) online.

These days the diseases are increasing day by day. Even there are so many unnamed diseases which we don't know. If we drink organic cow milk then it is quite beneficial for our whole body because it is vital in energy and various nutrients. Magic Dairy is one of the best organic cow milk home delivery companies in Gurgaon. If you are searching for pure farm-fresh cow milk or you are searching for milk suppliers near me then visit Magic Dairy. You will get multiple options to get the things delivered at your doorstep in an easy manner. If anyone who is a resident of Gurgaon/Gurugram region and searching for organic milk or milk suppliers near me then visiting Magic Dairy would be a great deal to get cow milk home delivery. Pure cow milk in Gurgaon is available exclusively at Magic Dairy. We are among the best cow milk suppliers in Gurgaon and Faridabad. Reach us to schedule the delivery of cow milk at your doorstep.

Fresh cow milk in Gurgaon provided by Magic Dairy is pure and delicious, the way cow milk is supposed to be. Knowing how healthy the milk of cow is, one must definitely use it for the overall well being of the family. Hygienic bottles and fresh from the farm! Doorstep delivery, early morning, without you having to disturb your schedule is one among the best ways to retaining great health! It is highly recommended for those who want to stay in good health!

Fully automated machines carry out the process of milking and then packing the cow milk in glass bottles in our farm and then chiller trucks carry this milk to your destination city, from where the bike riders take on the short distance into the lanes of Gurgaon and Faridabad to get you milk home delivered early morning hygienic glass bottles, which are then replaced by fresh bottles the next morning. This ensures that no hands touch the milk, the milk stays at a safe temperature while being delivered and an on time delivery ensures you stay on track with your daily schedule. The milk is not processed, and is zero adulteration; thus the milk's natural form is retained.


Salient Features

We do milk delivery in gurgaon
Our farm is well equipped with all the modern and latest technologies, designed by Gea (a company based in Germany) required for milk production. Special care is taken to ensure abundant supply of freshly cut fodder, clean rubber mats, separate feeding alley for cows and clean overall environment. Large sheds ensure free movement of cows.
we provide cow milk home delivery in gurgaon
Fruits & Vegetables
All varieties of fruits and vegetables are available in our catalogue, including potatoes, onions, tomatoes, kiwis, bananas, apples, etc. At Magic Dairy, we assure you that the products we deliver to you, daily, are fresh, hygienic and of the highest quality. The minimum quantity for order is as low as one apple. So, don¡¯t stock up, get fresh delivery daily.
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Breakfast Needs
At Magic Dairy, we have facilitated you with the option to order a complete list of items, which you need to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast, daily. We have varieties of bread, eggs, butter, paneer, tofu and much more. All our items are of pristine quality and delivered fresh daily. Everything you need to start your day with a fulfilling meal, is available to order.
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Household/Personal Products
Magic Dairy¡¯s product catalogue extends to your daily essentials as well. With our user-friendly mobile app, you can order from the comfort of your home. Categories include household needs, personal products, baby products, beverages, frozen foods, snacks, grocery items and a lot more! Whatever you need, Magic Dairy is here to provide.
we have cow milk farm in Gurgaon

Why Magic Dairy Milk

We provide pure desi cow milk in gurgaon

  • 1

    Untouched by human hands

    There is no involvement of human hands anywhere in the process, instead all milking is done by our fully automated machines to ensure the highest hygiene.

  • 2

    No synthetic hormones

    This is no powder milk, it comes directly from cows. No additives, preservatives or synthetic hormones are added.

  • 3

    Glass Bottle Packing

    Fully automated machines carry out the process of packing the milk in BPA-free glass bottles. This ensures zero adulteration and the milk's natural form is retained.

  • 4

    Year Round Delivery

    At Magic Dairy, we ensure that our customers receive their deliveries every single day without any breaks.

Why to use cow milk bottle delivery service in Gurgaon?
  • 5

    No harmful bacteria

    Post extraction milk is chilled to 4° C in Bulk Milk Coolers. At this temperature the natural goodness of milk is retained without any harmful bacterial growth.

  • 6

    Farm to Home

    On the same day of extraction, milk leaves the farm in refrigerated vans, chilled to 4° C so that the freshest milk is delivered right to the doorstep

  • 7

    Quality Feed

    Our In-house veterinarian monitors the health of cows and ensures the best quality feed is given to the cows.

  • 8

    Magic Dairy Farm

    We produce and package the milk at our own farm, rather then sourcing it from elsewhere. So, your search for pure and fresh cow milk ends by visiting Magic Dairy.

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